Duet Review with some spoilers.

I apologize in advance for the spoilers, as that is one thing I do not like to do. I will try to keep them at a minimum.  I recommend these books, however the second book is not near the quality of the first one, and the ending of the two book series is sloppy and rushed.

These are the first two books I have read by this author. I found the first one by accident and was so excited for the second one I went ahead and pre-ordered it and waited three weeks.

Okay, so Lyra is the female main character in these books. She can see the date of when someone is going to die, printed on their eyes. She cannot see her own.

This makes her keep to herself and live a quiet uneventful life, until she meets Tavian and he is an outgoing, adventure seeker who changes her life.

If you like squishy, over the top romance, you will love these books, especially the second one.

The Authors’ use of Tavian calling Lyra, “Buttercup” a bazillion times is over the top annoying.

Lyra was not a well fleshed out character, actually neither character was that well evolved.

Lyra went from being a shy almost girlish , over the top teen crush type of woman, to a sexy, flirty seductress. Back and forth, back and forth.

I love a good sex scene, but these were the typical, “she stroked his long, hard c**k, he licked her juices,” typical scenes we’ve all read a million times.

Okay, to cut down on spoilers, let me put it this way.

The premise is GREAT, unique and original.

The delivery lacked horribly.

That being said, I did enjoy the first book, and I read it in one weekend.

The second book, I skimmed a lot because every three pages was sex, second verse same as the first. Bland. Bland sex scenes.

The ending will not answer your questions, and will literally not make sense. It is like the Author needed to wrap it up, so she rushed it.

I typically do not like to leave poor reviews on my blog, but even though I did not LOVE these books, they did make okay reading if you need a break from books that had more depth.

They can be purchased on Amazon.



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